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The Band-Aid Goodbye ❌- Long Distance Life

The Band-Aid Goodbye

Andy came home for a couple weeks, and we were able to spend the most beautiful week together in Cuba with my whole family. Although the trip was the bomb, the week felt very bitter-sweet because I knew that the day after we got back from Cuba, Andy would be leaving for Florida again, and he’d be gone until Christmas…


Yep. I said Christmas.

So once again, it was time to say goodbye.

Andy and I are trying this new thing.
It’s called ‘The Band-Aid Goodbye’- Andy introduced it, I named it.

I guess its Andy’s way of avoiding the emotion and dramatics.
and I guess it’s my way of calming the f*ck down.

So here’s what you do…

When you and your significant other are about to separate, and not see each other for a while…you say goodbye as if you’re going to see them tomorrow, or even in a few hours… and walk away.

That’s it.

Why are we doing this you say?
Why have we decided to partake in such torture?
Well… Andy says its better this way.

I get really emotional when him and I are about to part ways.
Like I strive to be similar to Arwin when Aragorn leaves for the fellowship… calm, cool collected.

‘Here’s my necklace b*tch- remember me always.’

But it never goes that way.
I usually end up like Harriot when Gully leaves- hanging on to the window as the car is trying to drive away…

I typically will say goodbye while crying, give Andy some nice snotty kisses- hyperventilate in the process. Then, I will attempt to drive off into the sunset.

This also never works.

I’ll get about 3 or 4 seconds down his street, then I break- reverse-open window- scream ‘NOOOOO!!!!!!!!’

And Andy is usually there at the end of the driveway… waiting. Because he knows I’m going to reverse back- because I’m a psychopath.

And then I repeat the process like 4 times!
It’s SO toxic. I’m like an emotional cutter.
It’s like I realize in the moment how much torture this is, but I continue to do it because I just don’t want him to leave!!!!

Like drop out for f*ck sakes. (jk..)

Then I come back to reality and eventually leave, balling my face off.

Therefore (and rightfully so…),

Andy decided to make a change, because frankly I cannot be doing that sh*t like 4 times a year.

He started saying ‘Band-Aid, Band-Aid, Band-Aid’ when we would say goodbye, and he would end with ‘I’ll see you soon.’

It’s poetic in a way, but also scares me.

But I’m trying it.
It’s going to be quite the process, I usually cry after we separate,  but I stay sane in front of him.

Andy and I are in a unique situation.
We’re not a military couple, and he doesn’t live half way across the world.
We get to see each other about 4 times a year, and each time we say goodbye we know the next meet is coming soon.

But for me, that almost makes it more difficult.
He doesn’t come home for long periods of time.
So I spend great deals of time without him, and small amounts of time with him. And they’re very small. And I crave them.

But let’s be real, I can’t keep doing this sh*t.
I love him, but it doesn’t need to be a motion picture every time he leaves.

So I’m trying.

And it really does make things easier.

This past goodbye was tough. Because I just finished spending so much amazing time with his cute face.

So, when he left, it was a bigger deal than others.

But, like ripping off a Band-aid– we made it quick.

He told me he would see me soon, and I believe him.

But sometimes ripping off a band-aid leaves a bit of a mark.

So I’m sitting here with a band-aid rash and an unhealed wound like, ‘Get your ass back home’.

But I’ll put on another band-aid, and when that one gets too bloody, I’ll put on another one.

And will just keep repeating the process for another 3 years or so.

Perpetually counting down the days.

But that’s okay.

Because I love him, and I’ll see him soon.

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