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🏰💖OUR TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD💖🏰- Long Distance Couple Life

I’d first like to dedicate this video to all the vloggers out there.
Holy eff.
Vlogging is HARD.
and cameras are HEAVY.

I woke up one morning in January to a message from Andy that he had sent at 3am.
It read, ‘when you read this CALL ME… but don’t call me before 11am’
He likes sleep.
lol anyways, I waited anxiously until 10:59 pm, called and woke him up.


‘Want to go to Disney?’

He had found a really good deal for Canadian Citizens, and I nearly vomited.
My favourite place on earth? I’LL START PACKING NOW.

It truly was an amazing 4 days.
We got to see the Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios (the most mind blowing show I’ve ever seen, top 3 great experiences of my life)

We rode the Tower of Terror.

Waited in line for Splash Mountain TWICE! (Ride in the back if you don’t want to get wet)

We had a drink in France, and lunch in Japan (Thanks Epcot)

I threw in coin in Cinderella’s well (or maybe 4, Boomerang is hard)

Convinced a Hollywood Studios Manager to let me keep my selfie stick.

We drank Coca Cola Floats on a balcony over-looking Disney Springs.

And I got to see my boyfriend. 👫

Andy, thank you for the most amazing trip and for always putting up with my Disney obsession.
Oh, and I will see you soon.

Although I’m not the best vlogger in the world, I always like to make a video of my travels.
I LOVE being able to look back at my life in montage form.
Snaps for Windows Movie Maker.





Let’s be friends <3


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