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8 Worst Things about Long Distance Relationships❤️✈️- Boy and Girl Perspective

Long Distance Relationships definitely suck. There is no arguing with that. We definitely don’t go out and say to ourselves ‘I want to be with someone who lives really really far away from me, I would love to never see the person I love’. However, if we are put in this situation, there are always way to deal. There are always ways to make it better. Below I’ve listed the 8 worst things about LDRS. With each one, I’ve provided the way Andy and I cope- both from the girl and the boys’s perspective. Although it took some teeth pulling on Andy’s end– I managed to get him to help me out with this one.
Hopefully getting both perspectives can help all you little geographically challenged love-birds out there.

The 8 Worst Things about LDRS and How to Deal- Boy and Girl’s perspective

  1. Other People

Sarah: This is definitely the hardest one. Andy has a hot face, I know other people are going to acknowledge that to… You just have to have trust. It’s plain and simple. If you don’t have trust you probably shouldn’t be in a LDR. Another great way to look at is, if your boyfriend is willing to be in a relationship with all that distance… he probably loves you a lot and wouldn’t do anything to hurt your pretty little heart. What really helped me was when Andy introduced me to all his friends when I went to visit. It gave me a really good idea of his everyday life, and also gave me comfort knowing he wants to show people his WOMAN. *snaps for andy*

Andy: To be honest, the majority of people I spend time with in florida have penile expendages. As for cheeks, she doesn’t go out often but when she does I know it’s because she is completely bored of watching my 600 lb life or Gordon Ramsay and wants to have some fun with her friends. Yeah, some negative thoughts definitely pop up due to being so far away, but at the end of the day it boils down to trust and you just wanting them to enjoy themselves. Ill admit my gf is very attractive and most likely gets attention at clubs or bars, but that is just life. It’s better to look at it like “damn you still got it” versus like, ‘yo I will murder that person entire lineage if they go near you.’

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  1. You can’t see each other every day

Sarah: Sure you can. Skype, Facetime… Andy and I try to Facetime every day even if it’s just for a minute or two to say hi.  If something interesting happens, send a pic. Something funny happens, send a pic. Make it work J

Andy: Waking up beside cheeks is amazing, it makes the day so much better knowing your bean queen is sleeping beside you aka waking u up smashing stuff  and making all the noise at 8 am lol. My advice is skoobies (skype boobies) when you don’t have the luxury of seeing your bae

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  1. Loneliness

Sarah: Yes. It get’s lonely. But the best I can do is focus on the positive. We both get time to do our own things and focus on ourselves. We both get to spend lots of time with friends. And when we see eachother, it makes it so much better. Like when you diet and you haven’t eaten cake in weeks… and then you eat a cake and you want to fall over from happiness.

Andy: You need to stay occupied with friends and family. Also, the most important thing is to always look forward to something. Whether it be some clothes you bought online or going to get dinner with friends. That’s super important to stay happy or else your mind will wander.

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  1. Holidays

Sarah: These suck. No cure for these. Just try to do cute little skype dates, or I really like to FaceTime Andy when my family is all together. Holidays are going to suck. It’s like LDR Kryptonite.

Andy: Honestly I am home for the majority of these so idk what this girl is talking about ^^^ hehe

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5. Intimacy

Sarah: All I will say is that there are always ways. Improvise, be creative. And the cake reference I said before also applies to this situation. Yes you might spend a lot of time apart, but when Andy and I see each other I literally fall in love with him all over again every time. And I think that’s the most positive aspect of long distance.

Andy: Honestly, your body kind adjusts to a lack of intimacy. Your sex drive kinda gets put on the back burner or set on idle. One posiive is that it keeps the times you do have together exciting and way more meaningful. I mean im super attractive so I feel bad for sarah not being able to enjoy my musk but….kidding lol

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  1. Clubbing

Sarah: Ugh, the worst I know I know. First comes trust, next comes snapchats. When Andy goes out, he always sending me funny snapchats of what he’s doing. It always makes me feel a bit better knowing he’s thinking of me. Also, if your bae is planning on going out— plan something for yourself to do too. The worst thing is to sit at home staring at your phone while your other half goes out for the night.

Andy: This sucks too, but again just boils down to trust. We are getting to the age where its less of a concern but again stay busy that night, hang with friends, beat the living shit out of your d..wait too soon?

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  1. Constant Arguments

Sarah: If you’re arguing all the time, then you need to change the dynamic. At the start of LDR’s arguments are always going to happen. Keep trying until you figure out something that works. Facetiming is always best so you can see each other. And always try and ask yourself if it’s worth it before you start bickering. Solving the problem is always going to take longer because you can’t just walk over and hug someone. But be aware that extra effort needs to be put in, and you’ll figure it out.

Andy: I’m not sure why this is even a category because we don’t constantly argue, but when you do its challenging. You cant just go over and talk things out, hug and make up. There is so much distance between you so communication is key – the worst thing would be to just not talk to your significant other for long periods of time because your upset.

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8. Uncertainty of future

Sarah: In my opinion, if you are unsure about being together in the future…. Don’t be in an LDR. It’s a waste of time and it won’t work out. If you two are 100 percent committed to each other I’m a strong believer in it always working out.

Andy: The way I look at it– LDR’s are a test. If you can do this, you can do anything together. And you are learning to better yourself which will in turn give your relationship the opportunities to do whatever you want in the future. It makes you stronger, and gives you a sense of accomplishment.

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I would like to thank Andy for actually answering these questions, even though he is ridiculous lol.
I think the most important thing to remember when you’re getting down about your LDR, is how much love is there.
If you’re both willing to deal with all these negatives in order to stay with eachother– that really says something.

There will be a day when you guys are reunited, and when it happens, you know you can seriously conquer anything.
Sending you love and light where ever you are.

Love you, bye

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