PINNED SHUT MOUTH💉- Easy Halloween Make-up Look

For those of you who have clicked the link, went through the gum drop mountains, didn’t get stuck on a sticky square, and made it here to my blog… Thank you so much for coming 🙂
Halloween is practically JUST around the corner, so I thought I’d get started early with an easy halloween makeup look (that looks like you spent hours and hours doing it)

Sorry for my rough make-up during the intro, I had been out all day, and when I got home I didn’t feel like re-doing my make up again!
Although this mouth may not look easy, with the right materials, it truly is easy.
Also, it’s really hard to screw up something that is supposed to look so gross anyways.

Whatever mistakes you make… just cover them in fake blood!
As usual, thank you so much for watching.
And if there is anything from me you’d like to hear or see… I answer pretty fast on insta;)

Materials I used:

Liquid Latex- get at your local halloween store
Kleenex or Toilet Paper
Foundation- any kind
Pressed Powder- any kind
Blush- any kind
Safety pins- got from dollar store
Black make up- can use halloween make up, black eye shadow, black lipstick (can also add purple tones for bruising or deep, thick blood look)
Fake Blood- get at your local halloween store

Who did the Blonde Wednesday Addams illustration at the beginning of your video?
Great question! My friend PlanetPinWheel

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