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my first lucky charm *

Do you ever have one of those weeks when nothing is going right, or it just seems like nothing is going to go your way?
I had one of those weeks last week.
I was super stressed and bummed the whole week, and then something happened that I thought was going to turn everything around.
I got offered this really cool opportunity with a Disney company. My excitement lasted about 5 minutes until I realized I wasn’t going to be in-town to actually participate in the opportunity.
I went from 100 to 0 sooo fast. I can’t even explain lol.
The sadness was REAL.
It was like someone put a cupcake in my mouth, let me taste it, and then shoved their hand in my mouth and ripped the cupcake right out.
And it was like a rainbow cupcake…
with buttercream frosting.

I went to the mall for some much needed retail therapy, and when I had spent about an hour there without buying a single thing… I decided to stop into Hot Topic.
They always do a good job of taking my money.
While I was in there I found these Care Bear mystery bags, that had little care bear figurines inside.
They were cheap, and I used to love Carebears as a kid. So I decided I would buy one.

Before I opened the package, I looked at the options on the back and saw that Bedtime (the bear with the moon on his tummy) was one of the options.
He was always my favourite when I was little, I actually think I might still have a stuffed animal of him lying around somewhere.

With luck NOT on my side, and a perpetual raincloud over my head I knew I wasn’t going to get that one.
So I start walking out of the store, grab the mystery bag, rip it open with my teeth.
And what is it? Bed time bear.

I know this sounds so silly, but getting that bear when absolutely nothing was going my way that week just made me feel so much better.
I’ve never been one to need expensive or extravagant things to make me happy, and this bedtime bear just give me that little grin I needed to continue my week.

Now, for some reason, I feel like that bear brought me a bit of luck that day. So I’ve decided to carry it around in my purse where ever I go as a luck charm (I never actually had one of those growing up).

What I didn’t mention before is that I bought a second care bear mystery bag (as collateral incase the first one made me even more miserable than I already was)
This second one just reminds me of Andy.

So what’s the point of this blog?
Nothing really.
Just that I was having a shitty week… and a couple plastic care bears made it better.
And now I have a lucky charm like Vince’s lucky marble in Recess.
And a little Andy.

Hope you all are having a good week, and if you’re not… maybe try Hot Topic?

love you.
Happy Halloween.

– Sarah

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