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7 Creative & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is fast approaching. (yay).
And a lot of you, instead of being overwhelmed with pure excitement and joy, are stressing out about what the EFF you are going to wear to the Halloween Party you just got invited to.
During this month, I also receive TONS of messages from you guys asking what you should be for Halloween.
That is why, I will be periodly sharing lists of ridiculously easy halloween costumes during the month of October that are low in price, comfortable, and might even get you a ‘hey you…. really cool costume’.
In which case you can say thank you and refer them to my website.

Before we get into it, I wanted to state that I haven’t provided specific links to the clothing shown below. 
This is on purpose. 
I don’t want you to feel obligated to buy exactly what you see in front of you. 
These are all about creativity and simplicity. 
Use what you have and make it work 🙂 

So now that we’ve gone through that, here is my first batch of Halloween costume ideas!
(Ps. If you love the look, don’t forget to hover and pin it! <3)

Dead Mickey and Minnie



Dead Mickey and Minnie is one of the easiest, last minute costumes you can scrounge up for Halloween. Get yourself some all black attire, maybe some red shoes, and the classic Disney ears. The ‘dead’ look is all in the face, and feel free to go as crazy as possible with this. For a quick tutorial on how to get this easy skeleton face, click here

Glam Ghost 
I think this is the cutest idea ever, and it’s actually been sitting in the Halloween corner of my brain for quite a few years now! I always said if I had to come up with a quick costume, it would be this ghost. AND ITS SO SIMPLE. Pair a white top (any kind), with a big white tule skirt– these are so easy to find at Halloween stores around this time of year. The ghost face can be made with felt or paper, and the bow headband I think just ties everything together. Once that is done, give yourself a big black bold shoe and then COVER yourself in glitter (what’s a ghost without the ectoplasm?) 

Glam Jason (Friday the 13th)

Looking for a really badass creepy costume, but you’re on a tight budget? The Jason is your best bet. I love this look because it can go so many ways. You can go terrify, you can go sexy, and you can even go just simple and comfy. All you need in the classic Jersey (I buy mine in the men’s ‘tall tees’ section of H&M for like ten bucks a piece), and the Jason mask. The one I have shown here is the classic one you can buy online or at the Halloween store. But you can always create your own with a mask and paint from your local craft store. The teddy bear just adds an extra touch for the classic feel, and some nice combat boots will just bring the look together. And once your done… lathering yourself in fake blood always ups the creep-o-meter.

Pennywise and The Losers Club

I think this is my favourite look so far. I just went to go see IT for the second time, and I’m officially in love. Richie is my favourite character, which is why I included him here but you can use any of the members from the Losers Club. For this look, I took the ‘couples’ route making Richie the male costume and Pennywise the female costume but this can go whatever way you please. Richie is know for his ‘local buisness’ tees, or the classic Hawaii button-up and his coke-bottle glasses. Make sure to keep this look 80s inspired with the classic short men’s shorts and the varsity socks. For Pennywise, we’re keeping the look simple as well. My cute/terrifying interpretation in my head includes a white crop with red puffs glued on, a red tule skirt pinned with with suspenders, and some wicked shoes. I’ve included a orange wig above, but you can always do the cheaper option (coloured hairspray). I’ve also included an extremely easy/glam Pennywise make-up look by Glam&Gore and you can find that here


If you want to stick with the status quo, I have a feeling Annabelle is going to be a popular one this year. The best part about this? Pulling off Annabelle is super cheap and easy. All you’ll need is a ‘baby doll’ dress of some sort which can be found cheap basically anywhere. No matter what dress you choose, the red ribbon will turn it into an Annabelle dress. Next, just throw your hair in some braids or wig it out if you have one and you’re basically good to go. I’ve included a pair of black flats here for comfort and some double-up eye lashes for your make-up look. Whenever you’re trying to pull of a doll look, thick lashes are your best bet. You can find a very easy/creepy doll make-up tutorial here

Dead Dorthy and the ScareCrow
GURLLLLLL I love this couples costume so much. IT IS SO SEXY. (and easy). For Dorothy, grab yourself the classic costume. This can be purchased at your local Halloween store, or you can get it a lot cheaper by finding look-a-likes at the mall or thrift store (ahem, blue dress+white shirt, ahem). For this look I’ve included her classic basket but instead of ToTo, let’s lift your Halloween spirits and throw a fake bloody arm in there. This scarecrow look is perfect for the boyfriend who just doesn’t like dressing up for halloween. Tell him to throw on his best plaid and jeans, and then get him to sit down and shut up while you throw this skeleton look on this face. (oh and I’ve included fake blood to throw everywhere because… halloween)

Mr and Mrs. Frankenstein

Back when my Halloween make-up skills were seriously lacking, Andy and I did this ‘Frankenstein and His Bride’ look and it’s still one of my favourites to this day. I’m telling you I spent under 20 dollars for this whole thing. For the dress I used an old white cotton summer dress that I cut short and covered in blood (you can use any dress you want, but lace will make it look more wedding-ish). I wore high white socks, black shoes and a veil from the dollar store. Once I had my costume I spray painted by hair black with the classic ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ white stripe. The final touches were green grease-based halloween make-up all over my face, neck, chest, and arms and then I threw in some white contacts. For Andy I asked him to wear black pants, a black shirt, and a black suite jacket. From there I also covered him in green paint and put little stitches all over his face. For a more in-depth look on how I did our make-up click here

And thats it for now! Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay tuned for next week where I’ll be throwing another 7 Halloween looks at you. If you have a costume idea and are looking for some cheap ways to make it happen, comment below or send me a DM on Instagram and it might just show up next week! 

Until then, Thanks for stopping by Halloweentown. 
blonde wednesday ears

Want to add from scary SFX make-up to your Halloween costume? 
I got you covered. 



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