The Summer I went to Harry Potter World


I want to quickly share this blog post for many different reasons, and basically get my thoughts out on why I never posted this months ago.
Most of you know I spent the majority of my summer in Florida with Andy. While I was there, I wanted to record my trip, and try get some really good footage for my blog.
Let me just say. Getting footage is not easy. Especially when you go to theme parks. And I have no idea how full-time vloggers do it (and still enjoy their trip).
You always have to have a bag with you to carry your supplies (extra camera batteries, huge expensive SD cards, lens)
You need a camera for every possible situation (GoPro for rides and water, professional camera for pretty views like Hogwarts or Disney)
you need a lot of patience, and you need to not be self conscious of what you look like.

I write a blog because I love it, and part of that includes sharing my life with you guys and sharing the long distance relationship I have with Andy.
Sharing our stories on how we deal, providing advice, and complaining a lot.

Vlogging is a great way to show the time we spend together, and give you a little glimpse into our lives.
I’m okay with that.

Unfortunately, I sometimes become victim to my own perfectionism which can prevent me from posting blogs or uploading videos.
If I don’t find something perfect, or exactly to my liking, I have a lot of trouble posting it online– which has been a downfall for this blog in the past. (as most of you know if you’ve been reading my content for a while).

My point is, blogging was a pain in the ass on this trip.
Lugging my camera all around the parks, locking it in every locker before going on a ride.
Switching from camera to GoPro, putting an SD card in one and then moving it to another.

Looking sweaty and tired all the time, not having a Viewfinder so not being able to see myself while talking to the camera.
And getting really frustrated when I couldn’t get the footage that I wanted.

At the end of the day, I ended up with hours and hours of footage on my computer that when into a hard-drive and got lost for months.
I honestly forgot about all of it.

All this effort I made to record our amazing summer, just sitting untouched on my computer because I wasn’t satisfied.

It wasn’t until this week that I realized that everybody starts somewhere.

Every blogger started with pixel-y images, bad logos, spelling mistakes, and blog templates.
Every youtuber started with bad make-up choices, editing mistakes, and lack of content at times. 

Although it’s not perfect. I LOVE this footage. 
I love that I got to spend the summer with Andy. 
I love that I worked so hard to get the footage. 
I’m glad I finished it, and recorded the whole trip. 

And I’m so glad I found the footage and made a video that I can look back on whenever I’m missing Andy. 
It’s not perfect, but it’s our trip to Universal this summer. 
And I loved every second. 

Thanks for coming along for the ride you guys 🙂 

And happy halloween. 

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