The One-Piece Retro Bathing Suit

Right now I’m in Florida trying to avoid the white cotton ball that is, Canada right now.
It is also February, and I’m pretty sure Phil saw his shadow so that means spring is coming soon.
Therefore, we’re allowed to talk about bathing suits right?

One pieces to be specific.
Retro one pieces if we’re really getting technical.

It’s winter time, so my work-out schedule is pretty much non-existent.
I softened up a little bit for hibernation this year, and I didn’t want to pressure myself into some kind of diet or workout routine before going to see Andy, so I thought grabbing myself a one-piece bathing would be the perfect solution.

I’d also like to mention, that this in no way perpetuates the fact that you should wear a one piece if you are not in shape. NOT EVEN IN THE SLIGHTEST. I just personally love the way they look on me, and I thought a one piece would be a great way for me to feel more comfortable.

I digress.

The One Piece Wonder

So in my search for the perfect bathing suit, I stumbled upon this gorgeous retro one piece from ASOS.
My favourite things about this bathing suit is the thick waist strap, and the extremely high leg holes.

Is that even the correct term?
Regardless, I am in love with that high, retro 80’s look that is so flattering on the body.
Another thing I loved about this suit is that it is not CHEEKY.

I have a bigger booty, so high waisted bathing suits tend to ride up pretty easily. I know this pic makes it look like it rides, but this one sits nicely on my tush.

Shop this sexy bikini here! 

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