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The Chip Hat – Are Cakeworthy Hats the New Mickey Ears?

This month Cakeworthy asked me back to do another photoshoot, and of course I screamed yes without hesitation but maybe with a slight too much desperation. I regret nothing.

When I arrived at the shoot I was introduced to their new Spring line, and without divulging too much information… I’ve basically never been more excited for a clothing line in my life. They seriously out-did themselves this time, and if you are a classic Disney fan, you are in for a treat my friends. If you don’t follow them already, I strongly suggest giving Cakeworthy a follow on instagram because they’ve already started releasing some sneak peaks of their new collection!

The Hat In Question

My absolute favourite item from their collection has already been shown on their social, and it’s the Beauty and the Beast Chip hat. Is this hat not everything you’ve ever wanted in a Disney hat? It’s one of those items you knew you always needed, but never knew would actually exist.

The hat features the classic chip design on the rim, and his signature ‘chip’ on the side. The same yellow trim from the design is on the back strap, and the entire hat is infused with Disney magic.
I’m wearing it right now, and I can smell that 90,000 gallons of vanilla they pump into the park each day.
^ True fact if you didn’t know that already.

The New Mickey Ears

It’s no question that a Disney Park’s outfit isn’t complete without a pair of Mickey ears. But I think Cakeworthy might be changing the game with these Disney themed hats. Although they’ve released a long range of amazing hats, one hat in particular has been all over my Disney feed lately and that’s the ‘Classic Mickey Ears Hat’. The hat features your signature and love-able ‘dad hat’ frame, perked up with Mickey’s famous ears.

I think this is their casual, sneaky transition into making dad hat’s the new signature around the park, and I’m not mad at it.
Although I can’t tell you all of them, I can say you can expect some Hercules and Emperor’s New Groove hats in the collection. You can find a preview of those on their Instagram, here.

Well that’s it from me today folks. Bringing you all the latest news that decides to pop up into my imagination. Thank you again for stopping by and I’m hoping I could add some Disney magic to your day today.
As of right now I’m in Florida with Andy enjoying the warm weather, avoiding the snow.

Maybe I can convince him to go to Disneyworld this month?
Here’s to hoping he caves.

xoxo. Sarah.

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