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I stopped stressing about social media and actually enjoyed Disney World

OH WELL HEY. I have re-written this blog like 3 or 4 times now trying to figure out how to make it interesting for you guys, because I’m insane. But I came to the realization that if I keep over-thinking the blogs I write, then I am seriously never going to post anything, ever. And then my blogs are just going to be a series of apologies for not posting enough. Having said that, I’d like to start by apologizing for being gone for so long, and also let you know I’m back with a vengeance and really ready to start creating content for you guys. (I’M READY)

All seriousness aside, Disney was a dream (of course). This was my third time there (which I think is pretty good for a Canadian…thank you Andy for packing up your shit and moving away to one of the few areas in the world with a Disney castle), and this time around truly was the best trip to Disney, I genuinely enjoyed every minute. So I wanted to frame my blog around how to really enjoy Disney World and the things you can do to make sure you are really getting the full experience. So as I dive into this, I have also included all my pictures from the trip to provide a break for you guys in the middle of my ranting.

I chose not to vlog 

I think one of the main reasons why I enjoyed my Disney trip so much was because I chose not to film the experience. As a blogger and someone pretty invested in social media, I sometimes feel it’s my duty to document my life as to ensure you guys are getting the full experience (when I’m not apologizing for not posting). Both times I previously went to Disney and Universal, I documented the trip and I have come to the conclusion that unless you are a annual pass holder who is able to visit the park whenever you please, vlogging should not be on your priority list. It just shouldn’t.

In past visits, I would lug around my Canon Rebel and try to video tape as much as I could. When I didn’t get the shots I wanted, or my acne was really showing on camera, I would get so stressed out and it would ruin my mood. And then Andy would freak out on me for making filming my priority, and then I’d tell him he just doesn’t understand me… it was an endless cycle. Theme parks are simply not the place to vlog. There is so much to see, the crowds are so tight, and if you’re in Florida the weather can be devastatingly hot. Therefore, when we went to Disney this year I ditched the camera and it was the biggest weight off my shoulders (both literally and figuratively). Would a video of my experience been nice? Sure. Would super high quality, bomb ass pictures have really helped my insta game? Sure. But I simply cannot live that life. (side note all the pictures you see here were taken on Andy’s iphone). Without the pressure of filming I was able to (in a very cliche way) enjoy my surroundings, the castle, the rides, and my limited time with my sexy-face boyfriend.

In addition to the camera ditch, Andy and I also went during off season (week after spring break) which cut the lines in half, and created a lot more white space. I think this was the first time I was able to actually see the pavement in front of the castle. The lack of people also made it a lot easier to snag fast passes for the rides you wouldn’t typically be able to get fast passes for (like Splash Mountain and Peter Pan’s flight). We were able to walk around without getting bumped into, and because we went in the middle of February the weather was so beautiful. That cool breeze that washed over when the clouds blocked the sun was a much needed occurrence during the day.

My Favourite Parts 

Surprisingly, my first favourite wasn’t actually at the park. Andy and I arrived a day earlier and spent the evening at Disney Springs. If you are a first-time goer, we strongly recommend Disney Springs (Andy actually likes it better than Disney, but forgive him because he’s not a die-hard Disney fan). There is just something very beautiful and serene about walking around the shops and restaurants while over-looking the water. My next favourite part was the snacks I ate at Disney… while a very small part of my trip, I was over joyed to snag some park cotton candy and those FROZEN COCA COLAS. The first time I had one was at Hollywood Studios a couple years ago, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since then (you can grab a frozen Coca Cola at the lunch pad in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom).

**I also apologize if that last paragraph sounded like a show and tell performance from a 1st grader, I’m really struggling to make this blog interesting here.

We left Early 

Don’t judge me on this one, but we did and I regret nothing. I had been to Disney two times previously, and have been lucky enough to see both the Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios, and the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. By the time about 4 o’clock rolled around, Andy and I were exhausted and knew we had an almost 4 hour ride back to Fort Lauderdale ahead of us. For those of you who have seen the fireworks at Disney before, you’ll know that exiting the park after the fireworks are done is an experience I’d compare to the Battle of Helms Deep and for those who haven’t seen Lord of the Rings I’d compare this experience to trying to stick a cupcake through a key hole. It’s a nightmare. So, as the sun slowly started setting, Andy and I took the ferry back to the parking lot that had maybe 20 people on it  and we enjoyed a very relaxing, romantic exit from Disney property, in our car, shoes-off, traffic free. It was beautiful.

Disney Castle Picture Hack

Because I can’t think of what else to read about, I am going to leave you with a Disney castle picture hack that allows you to avoid the judgemental people who stare at you while your posing, and also allows you to avoid all the random parents pushing strollers in the background of your pictures that ruin the magic. Here is where you take your picture:

As your walking towards the castle, start veering to your right. There are lot’s of paths surrounded by hub grass, you are going to want to take the path where the fountain is. You will see little bronze statues of chip and dale, goofy, Donald etc.  Once you’ve found the fountain, that is your spot. Place your belongings to the side, hop up on the rail and get someone to take your picture from an angle down below. If someone is taking the photo from a lower level, this spot allows you to have yourselves in the picture, with the castle, and no background people. You’ll end up with a picture like:


That’s all from me for now, but stay tuned for more posts this week. And as usual, I always want to know what YOU would like to hear from me so don’t hesitate to contact me through insta, or the Ask Sarah page if you want to be anonymous.


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