I Used Glossier’s Solution for 2 Months – Acne Review

Hey friends! Sarah back with another endless journey down acne lane, perpetually trying to find the miracle cure. Spoiler alert: it didn’t happen. Anyways, I wanted to wait until I had used the product for a while before I did a proper review for you guys. I have been using Glossier’s Solution for 2 months now and I’m almost finished the bottle, so I think we’re ready to rock and roll. 

My Initial Thoughts

When I first got the product I was a little turned off by the smell; not because it smelt bad but because it actually smelled quite nice. After reading the ingredients, I noticed they actually added fragrance to the bottle. NOPE. Not a fan. As an acne prone person, my dermatologist always told me to avoid products with perfume or alcohol and when a product adds fragrance it kind of pisses me off. I just don’t get the point. You are advertising a product to clear your skin, but you’ve added fragrance… didn’t make me too happy. If you are someone who deals with acne, may fragrance be your Voldemort and may we not speak his name.

The bottle was pretty (like physically appealing), covered in glitter and I liked the pumped they chose for the bottle. You press down on the top and product squirts out. I’d compare the bottle to the Twilight movies; pretty to look at, but the contents is underwhelming. (okay I’ll calm down). What I didn’t like is how much product you actually have to use to cover your face. There are a couple videos and articles Glossier has posted about the recommended amount of pumps for the Solution and it’s typically around 5 or 6. At that rate I would run out of product within 2 weeks.

A positive thought about my initial experience is that it didn’t burn or irritate my face. I didn’t wake up with a red face, or random pimples which is a pretty common experience for me. So I like that the product is fit for sensitive skin and isn’t too hard on the face.

After a Couple Weeks…

After a couple weeks of using the product I noticed my face became a little bit softer, just slightly. The product was definitely acting like an exfoliant and removing a certain amount of dead skin from my face (I think). When I started using the product I had a few breakouts of small zits on my cheeks and I noticed the Glossier Solution helped with that in a small way, but didn’t really make a different for the more significant break outs on other areas of my face.

Another thing I liked about the product was that there was no purging process. Typically when I switch to a new acne regimen my skin will break out pretty heavily within the first week or so before it starts to get better. I think because Glosser’s solution is very mild, my skin didn’t react is any significant way. That is alway’s a nice thing, but made me question how much of a difference the product was really making. It’s like the town on my face was preparing for war, but then nothing came. So the town isn’t wiped out, but there are no signs of battle either.

Before and After

The left is before using Glossier’s Solution, and the right is after.*crickets* I think the underwhelming difference between the photos is a perfect way to explain the product itself– underwhelming. I am a huge fan of glossier’s make-up line, but I don’t think their skin care line is directed towards an acne-prone audience…so they shouldn’t advertise that way. It’s like their make-up is The Godfather, their shower products is The Godfather 2, and their acne solutions are The Godfather 3… catch my drift? A lot of you know my stance on acne products; if your product is just supposed to help with mild break outs for people with generally clear skin, then you need to market it that way. When you come out with a product targeted to clear up bad skin, my hunch is that the majority of people buying it are going to be people with pretty bad skin (JUST A HUNCH THOUGH). Stop wasting their time.

Final Thoughts

I’m over it. I had faith in Glossier because I adore their make-up products, but there was no life changing experience here. In the before picture, my acne seems slightly more inflamed and red but I really don’t think the more ‘calmed down’ look of my skin in the second photo has anything really to do with Glossier. If you are looking for a toner (I’m still trying to figure out the real purpose of toner) then I would recommend Witch hazel. It’s cheaper, has less ingredients, easily accessible and will get the job done. At the end of the day, we are all consumers and a lot of the time we end up spending tons of money on products because their marketing is killer, or they make really good promises. I’d compare this product to all the million dollar skin care products being sold at Sephora. Could they make a slightly significant difference on someone with really good skin? Sure. But at the end of the day we are paying for products jammed packed with pointless ingredients that really aren’t going to clear acne. So, there goes another attempt at clearing my face and I shall continue my never ending journey to find that one acne regimen that just might work. Until next time, it’s been real guys. Thank for stopping by.

My Skin after 2 months of Glossier Solution

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