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10 Airport Thoughts ☁️ + Vacation Photos

1. I tried filming an ‘Everyday Make-up Routine’ video twice while on vacation, and both of them I ended up deleting…WHAT KIND OF SORCERY DO YOUTUBERS POSSESS. I don’t know if its the perfectionist, or asshole in me, or if I just did a really shit job at doing my make-up, but I just can’ t bring myself to upload either of them — my plan is to re-do one when I get home, and hopefully I can upload it this week.

2. I know I need to do more of the standard blogger posts like my make-up routines, morning routines, facts about me etc. I HEAR YOU I SWEAR. But I always find myself hesitant to upload what everyone is doing– but I guess a typical blogger post is better than no post at all right? I’m not trying to be different on purpose– I promise! I guess I just worry those kind of posts come off narcissistic, or annoying?  I’ll just go ahead and stop my over-thinking here. You may proceed.

3. Andy just left. He’s going back to school and I’m heading back to Canada– so we’re on two different flights. My heart is hurting a little bit, and my stomach too. I genuinely HATE goodbyes. But hopefully Andy and I only have a couple more goodbyes left until he comes home for good. Cause I’m over this shit… let me tell you.

4. I’m working on a really cool project with a friend. I know that’s not tons of information, but it’s info none the less. I can’t wait to share it with you all. Here’s a hint: it involves a lot of Disney, Studio Ghibli, Sailor Moon & more.

5. A lot of you guys have been asking for a tattoo blog– and I’ve been working on it for the past couple weeks! The written part is all done, its just difficult getting the perfect photos (especially the ones I can’t even see on my own body). Hopefully that will be up this week as well.

6. I ate my body weight in mango this week. It’s my favourite fruit I think, but it’s never good in Canada. So I made sure to eat enough this week to last me the year.

7. I hate instagram right now. I really really do. When I started this blog, I gained a lot of traction really fast. But the one mistake I made was keeping my instagram private. It was ‘sarerusso’ for the longest time, and as my blog flourished, my instagram remained private to me and my friends. Eventually, I decided to bond the two together, as Instagram started to gain popularity. When I first made the switch to ‘blondewednesdayaddams’, the result was awesome. I met so many people, started following the COOLEST shops, gained a new found obsession for pins, and realized there were more people out there to enjoyed the same weird shit I do. And then one day, it just stopped. Instagram decided I wasn’t interesting enough and I’ve plateaued ever since. To be honest, I’m not even that mad about my account stopping in growth; what pisses me off the most is my feed that I see on a daily basis. I guess this rant could be a blog topic in and of itself, but I’m mad that the same 20 accounts showing up on my feed each day and I am constantly missing out on photos from my friends, my favourite shops, and accounts I haven’t interacted with in a while– that shit ain’t right man. I’ll end my vent here, but you guys get what I’m saying right?

8. I didn’t wear foundation once this week. Which, I know doesn’t seem like a big deal. But for me, I am over the moon. I still rock the usual acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and the odd breakout. But believe it or not, BB cream was enough. For those who didn’t see my Instagram story about this– I started using birth control. Turns out my hormones were a bit out of wack. I’m currently using Diane, and (finger crossed) it’s been working out so far. If you are experiencing adult acne, I highly recommend getting your hormones checked.

9. When I get home I’ve decided I’m going to try and put more focus into side projects and hobbies. This year I’ve spent a lot of time watching TV’s and movies (which is a comfort for me), but I think it’s time to start utilizing my brain a little bit more.

10. I am ready for Fall. As I sit in this airport, finished with my vacation I find myself overwhelmingly ready for Fall to come. When I get home, some of my hobbies are going to include creating some decorations or the Fall season, and maybe starting to figure out what I’m going to be for Halloween. (Our family will also be welcoming a little autumn baby this year, so infant Halloween costume recommendations are appreciated and ENCOURAGED.)

That’s all from me for now. To all of you who read to the end of these posts, I really love you. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my hobby and life with you. I know I’m always apologizing for not posting enough, but to those who travel here even when my posts are so sporadic… just know it’s acknowledged and appreciated it.

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