Goodbye Summer.

Oh well hey there friends.
Thanks for being patient with me.
(what else is new).

This summer has been quite an adventure for me.

Some of it exhausting, and some of it wishing I had been doing something different.

Don’t get me wrong, I had some really good times.

A trip to the tropics, where I got to see Andy. 
Celebrating my 25th with my closest friends. 
Getting ready for my sister’s baby. 

But my summer was also filled with a lot of

stressing about my future, 
and wondering. 

But as the autumn smells started to come into the air, so did some much needed motivation, relaxation, and new found excitement for my future.

At the end of the summer, I had a ‘fuck it’ moment.
Packed my bags, booked a flight to see Andy, and a ticket to Disney world.

I knew it was short notice and I knew it would be expensive, but I wasn’t feeling happy and I knew I needed some time to build up confidence and excitement to start making some serious decisions in life.

As crazy as it sounds, after I did this… everything sort of came into place?
I started feeling happier again,
spending less time alone helped stop the over thinking,
and on top of it all…
I got a new job.

It’s a social media specialist position.
Kind of fitting, don’t you think? lol.
I’m nervous. But I’m ready.

Unlike most bloggers this time of year, I don’t have a blog about how awesome my summer was.
It was a shlump, at best.

So I guess my ‘Goodbye Summer’ blog, is more of a ‘see you never.’
And this marks my fresh start. So if anyone had a below average summer like me, and is looking to redeem yourself…

Now’s your chance.
Witch’s are dusting off their brooms,
jack’o lanterns are ready to glow,
and there’s a box of Pilsbury Halloween cookies at the grocery store with your NAME ON IT.

Let’s get spooky.
Happy Halloween.

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