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Room Decor – From Summer to Autumn!

Accio Autumn,


Once I start to smell Autumn in the air, I usually try to start decorating.
I like to keep it simple, but detailed enough that I’m reminded of the season when I walk into my room.

Not everyone is as into autumn as I am, and that’s okay (only a little bit okay)
But I believe your room should be the place that makes you the happiest.
So I’ve always suggested that you take the time to make your room reflect your happiness.
And happiness comes in all forms (calmness, colours, pop culture, fashion, glitter, organization, clutter etc.)

If you read my last blog, you know I’m in the rare mood this year where I’m actually glad summer is over.
It wasn’t a very great one, so I’m ready to put that shit in the past.
I snapped some awesome pics of my Autumn decorations, and even through in some comparisons,
just to give you an idea of the changes I made.

If you guys have been around since the beginning,
then you’d know that this little corner of the internet was actually just supposed to be a blog about
Halloween SFX make-up and costumes.

(weird, right?)

So, this time of year is always the busiest and most content-filled.
I’m hoping to get a few SFX tutorials out for you guys,
maybe some more Halloween /Autumn guides…

and some other stuff you guys keep asking for like blogs on:
long distance,

the works.

Where can I find Autumn Decor?

Almost everything you see here is from Homesense.
(if you’re not Canadian, something similar to Homesense would be Home Goods)
This includes those wicked books I have on display, because everyone keeps asking me where I get those!

The marshmallow fireside candle has fulfilled all my Halloween dreams, and I snagged that from Bath & Body Works.
Oh! And the killer Haunted House candle holder is from Michael’s Craft store!

I also have a video I posted last year where show a lot of my Fall decor, and where you can find your own (links included).
You can find that little cutie, here.

As usual, thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully we’ll chat soon, yeah?

Happy Halloween.
– BW

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