Blonde Wednesday’s Self Care Guide

Self care is my most requested blog topic and it comes in all forms.
– what are you self care tips for stress?
– what is your self care routine at night?
– what are you go-to self care practices?

So today I’m sharing with you the things I do every day to take care of my self, stay happy, relieve stress, and remind myself I’m doing okay.

It starts with the small things.

Your first step to better self-care is surrounding yourself with the small things that make you happy.
In my opinion, this step is so important because even during your most stressful or sad times, one of these small things can give you even just a moment of relief or happiness. Here are some examples of MY small things:

Christmas Lights.
I am in a deep, loving, unconditional relationship with Christmas lights and it lasts all year round. I first realized how much I loved Christmas lights in University. Christmas was coming, and I wanted to decorate. So I threw up a little tree, and bought some rainbow lights at the dollar store. And for the next couple weeks, I just remember how happy the lights made me when I was relaxing in my room at night. So they stayed up… and the love affair never really ended. Even when I’m having the WORST day, those little twinkles in my room always brings me at least half a second a happiness.

Making my Bed.
This could be one of the most common self-care steps you’ve ever seen, or the most random– it could go either way. This is another thing in my room that brings me relaxation when I see it. Hate to point out the obvious, but a messy room does nothing for self care. When you’re having a rough time, cleaning your room should be one of your first steps.

My Mugs.
If you’ve been following on instagram for a while, then you’d know my passion for coffee mugs. I have way too many, they don’t fit in the cupboard, and I have one for every occasion. But I know what you’re thinking; WTF do mugs have to do with self care. Well, it’s a two-parter. One: it’s a cheap obsession, and what’s great about cheap obsessions? When you’re having a really rough week you can open up your computer and purchase an addition without breaking the bank (disclaimer, I’m not necessarily promoting retail therapy, but GOD FORBID we buy things to make ourselves feel better once and a while HONESTLY). Two: I use a mug every single day. So no matter what’s going on that day, I can always rely on the fact that in the morning, I’ll get to reach into the cupboard and choose the mug best suited for my mood that day.

Positive Affirmations (or Pinterest Quotes)

I know this one sounds lame, and a lot of people recommend this for self-care. But what I’m suggesting doesn’t involve looking in the mirror every morning and saying nice things to yourself out loud. What I’m suggesting has more to do with the power of words, and how they can change our way of thinking. For example, when I’m struggling with perfectionism, I will look up quotes about ‘being good enough’ or ‘perfection’ on Pinterest and a lot of times I’ll find quotes, poems, or book excerpts that really help change my way of thinking, give me perspective, or make me feel better. Here are some examples of quotes I’ve found lately:

Let’s be Real

I think it’s easy to write a blog about all the different suggestions I have for how to make you feel better. And as bloggers do, I’ve tried to outline it in a pretty way, with well-edited pictures, organized dividers, and strategically used fonts. But at the end of the day, everyone has their OWN ways for making themselves feel better, and sometimes it’s not pretty or organized, like a blogger might lay it out in a post. So here are some real ways that I participate in self-care, that are not necessary ‘share-able blog’ worthy, but they are honest.

I cry. 
When I’m feeling upset, or anxious, or not enough…I cry. I don’t immediately rush to my self-care fundamentals… I first cry. And although the process is draining and sad, it really helps to let it all out sometimes. There is nothing wrong with crying.

The Drive and Belt. 
When I’m feeling like I really can’t deal with what’s around me, I will get in my car and start driving to no where. I will have no destination, I will just drive around and crank my favourite music and sing my heart out. There is something very freeing about being in your own vehicle, driving around safely in motion, where no one can stop you.

Movies and Reality TV 
Movies take up a huge part of my heart, and sometimes when I’m feeling really overwhelmed I will turn on a movie that makes me feel good inside. For me, that’s Adam Sandler movies but it’s different for everyone. Maybe horror movies really calm you, or maybe it’s documentaries. Another thing I really enjoy is reality tv, there’s nothing like watching other people’s life problems to make you feel better about your own (lol I’m an asshole).

I talk to my mom (or andy)

To be honest, there is never really a time where I won’t go to my mom when I’m in a tough spot. It’s just one of those things where talking it out with her calms me down a little. We all have our designated person when we’re not so ourselves, so never hesitate to go to those people when you need it. Another person that I go to is Andy, but I go to him for different reasons. He doesn’t always have the answers, but he’s funny and lighthearted and that brings me a lot of calm. So if you have someone in your life you makes the best out of the everything situation, or just someone who really makes you laugh.. they might be the best thing you need for yourself in that moment.

Sending you love and light where ever you are,


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