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just a day – volume 1 ☁️

As you guys know, I’m always struggling with content. (SHOCKER)
It’s a big bad world out there in the blogging corner of the internet, and I often succumb to the pressure.
Until today.
Today I was going through my external hard drive, as any overly-organized person does when they’re bored.
And I stumbled on some footage I filmed of a very cozy day I had last year.
There isn’t much going on.
Just me, going about my day.
Getting ready, getting coffee, working, etc.
But I found myself relaxed when I was watching it back– which is a very odd feeling for me.

Well, I don’t particularly enjoy watching videos of myself speaking.
It makes me cringe the majority of the time, if I’m being honest.
And the only reason I ever started doing those videos (the talking ones), was because I had quite a few people comment on my Halloween tutorials in the past saying it would be easier to follow if I talked in the videos.
If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that ended in disaster.
But watching this back was a very different feeling, and so I added some relaxing music, made a couple cuts and I thought I’d share it with you guys.

It also gave me some much needed inspiration– something I’ve been struggling to find.

So I’d like to continue these, if that’s alright with you 🙂 (i’m going to do it anyway)
And let me know if this is something you’d be interested in seeing!  (still going to do it anyway)

They aren’t all going to be as boring as this one.
(not every day can be interesting- especially in this girls life)

But I think there is relaxation in simplicity sometimes. (awh)

Oh! And here’s a couple video notes as well:
– yes I watch Barbie life in the Dream House while I do my make-up (its on Netflix, you should watch it)
– My make-up routine is a little different now, but maybe that can be a future video?
– The adorable Mickey pyjamas are from ASOS
– I’d like to announce the retirement of Barney, my purple computer/dinosaur. He had a good run, but we won’t be seeing him anymore!

Sending you love & light where ever you are


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