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My (obnoxious) statement bag collection.

I would start off this blog by saying I’m addicted to bags, and I have a serious problem.
But if I’m being honest here, I think my situation is a little different.
It’s funny because, I NEVER walk into a couture, high-end store and say to myself,

‘wow.. what a beautiful bag. I want to spend my paycheck on it’ 

In fact, if you ever do see me in one of those stores, it’s because I’m waiting for one of my friends to be done in there.
And I’m probably bitching about how expensive everything is.
What I WILL do, is drop small amounts of cash on obnoxious bags that remind me of my childhood.
You know, that kind of girl. 
So before you start saying ‘how can you afford all these bags!?’
Very easily.
Everything you see here is VERY affordable and not a single bag is over 100…
Actually TBH I don’t think any of the bags are over 50 bucks.

(with the exception of my two amazing coach purses from my sister and friends… because lord knows I’m not spending that kind of money on myself)

Why Statement Bags? 

Sometimes you just want to throw on a plain outfit. Like maybe a white t-shirt dress, or a black sweater and jeans.
When this happens, I like to pair it with a really obnoxious bag.
(we’re using obnoxious in a positive light today).
When you’re wearing something simple, a statement bag will go with anything!
It’s my favourite way to wear the quirky stuff I own, on the days when I’m not feeling too crazy.

The Holiday Bags

A bag for each holiday (thanks Betsey Johnson). If I can’t live my life attending themed parties, then I’m going to create them during the holidays. All the holiday bags you see here are by Betsey Johnson and were purchased at my local Winners or Marshalls. But you might be able to find these babies on or Nordstrom Rack.

The Glammy Hammies 

When I’m feeling like a HAM, I like to wear one of these. These are also really cute options for New Years or the Christmas Holidays. (also can we just take a moment to appreciate the moon bag. COME ON.)

The Pop Culture Bags

MY FAVOURITE CATEGORY. When I was little, I used to wish I could have accessories based on my favourite tv shows or movies and it wasn’t until I started using Instagram that I discovered the vast world of pop culture fashion– and I’ll never leave.

The Go-To Plushies 

These bags I would say I wear the most often. One for the summer months, and one for the rest of the year (which is just straight cold if you’re in Canada). I don’t know if it’s the colour, or the cloud-like vibe that I’m drawn to. But I find my self reaching for these the most.

Want one? 

Now, keep in mind that I have owned a lot of these bags for YEARS. So they can be hard to find. I did my absolute best to find links where these products are available, or at least provide you with the full name or product # so you can possible stalk the internet and find it yourself. Some might have increased in value because of their age. Happy Shopping!