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My Skin Care Fridge – What you Should Store Inside

How it Happened 

Almost exactly a year ago, I messaged my best friend a picture of a pink mini fridge. It was a screenshot from the Instagram @theglossarray. A tiny, baby pink mini fridge covered in stickers and filled to the brim with… BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Did you expect that one? The screen shot was paired with a message that went a little like: ‘one day soon, I’m going to treat myself to THIS. And fill it with all my beauty shit!’

And almost exactly a year later, the beautiful hoe of a friend of mine GOT ME THE TINY BABY PINK FRIDGE TO UNEXPECTEDLY FILL WITH MY BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

The Fridge Magnets

Once I got the fridge, I knew I couldn’t use it until I properly branded it with all my favourite stickers. This started an endless sticker search on amazon, Etsy, Ebay etc. and NOTHING. Well… that’s a lie. I found stickers, but this girl is not spending 15 dollars on sticky sailor moon paper. So… I took some packing tape, some double sided boob tape, a colour printer, and a pair of tiny scissors– and I made my own stickers (if you’re confused. Thats ok. I essentially DIYED some stickers and if you want a blog on that, holla). This ended up being the best option because I was able to include all the favourites: Disney, Sailor moon, my girl Eevee, a moon soda logo… all mixed together with some beauty brand stickers (the classic glossier pack, and the puffy clouds are from Saturday Skin)

What’s Inside? 

I’d like to preface this by saying you don’t need to store beauty products in the fridge. However, there are some products that are really great to use cold. Some examples would be aloe products if you’re coming in from the sun, or Lush masks that have a short expiry date. Here is what I keep in mine:

  • IPNK Rose Water Soothing Gel: when I’m not using this product to soothe a burn in the summer, I like to apply it after I use an aggressive acne product, or after I’ve done a microdermabrasion session. The product is cooling in itself, so when it’s been kept in the fridge its GLORIOUS
  • Caudalie Beauty Elixir: this is one of those fancy products I really don’t need, but I bought to feel fancy. Once I finish washing my face in the morning and I’ve applied my moisturizer, I’ll spray this all over my face to wake up (and the cold temp REALLY wakes me up)
  • Lush’s Breathe of Fresh Air: this product is very similar to Caudalie except it’s cheaper and smells better. I use this ALL the time. I apply it to my beauty blender before I put on concealer, and spray it all over when I get out of the shower and this product is also great on sun burns as well.
  • Sheet Masks: the trusty door shelf makes a PERFECT spot for sheet masks. I’m currently storing my Saturday Skin Cotton Cloud Probiotic masks in there (thats the pretty holographic mask you see in the photos)
  • Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil: this is the greatest product in human existence. I put it on every night before I go to bed and it makes my skin so soft and FRIGGEN SUPPLE. Its also an added bonus applying it cold.

What Goes Inside a ‘Beauty Fridge’ 

According to Womens Health, these are beauty products that will really benefit from being in the fridge!

  • Eye Cream (let the coolness be an instant de-puffer)
  • Nail Polish (apparently you can increase the shelf life by keeping it cool!)
  • Perfume (the same goes for perfume)
  • Natural products (like preservative-free masks)
  • Face Rollers (using a cool face roller without any product can really help with inflamation and puffi-ness)
  • Sheet masks
  • Probiotics
  • and a nice cold can of Coca Cola of course 😉


The Pink Fridge

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That’s all from me folks, you can always rely on me for unnecessary purchases 😉


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