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Long Distance Relationships- Valentines Day

I’ve had a lot of requests to do a blog about how to deal with Valentines Day when you’re in a long distance relationship. And the truth of the matter is, that is entirely up to you. Whatever role Valentines Day plays in your life, you then execute a plan based on that importance (or lack-thereof) So let’s break it down by category.

If Valentines Day Means A lot to You. 

First and foremost I want you to know I support you. I am a strong advocate for having small little reasons to celebrate. And while I don’t buy into everything that Valentines day has to offer, I am a strong believer in special moments and if Valentines Day can be a vessel for that then I am all for it. So what are you options if you want to make it big?

  • That option you were waiting for- fly to your loved one. (or bus, or train, or drive.. no judgement here, distance is distance). It’s not a budget-friendly option, but if you are looking to really pull out the bigs gun, I’m sure there isn’t anything your significant other would want more than to see you
  • The Deliveries– these are a very popular one. A typical Valentines day delivery train would probably consist of flowers, chocolates/baked goods, maybe a amazon delivery of something awesome, a meal (my meal of choice would be chicken nuggets)
  • Corny Gifts- and keep in mind, I mean corny in a good way. In one simple google, there are so many amazing and thoughtful gifts you can simply mail to a loved one. Examples of ideas I’ve seen are customize books about your love story, maybe a pillow with your face on it? Andy once sent me a picture of us printed onto a beautiful piece of wood, there are DIY exploding cards with customize compartments.. the list goes on and I’ve included some links here for you.

Your Love Story
Exploding Valentines Day Card
Photo on Wood

If you’re ‘Meh’ About Valentines Day 

This category is for those who don’t particularly buy into the holiday, and probably wouldn’t go to a fancy dinner if you were together with your babe, but would maybe eat pizza on the floor of the living room and watch a movie, type deal. I think I fall into this category… I’m not looking for anything special but I don’t want the day to go by and me be like ‘what the heck Andy!’ cause I’m that girl.

  • Care packages- the reason why I don’t have this in the category above is because this a gift that can be sent all year round, and something I’ve talked about a lot in my blogs. They are just a little box of things you can send your significant other everything once and a while, and can even be themed. If they’re sick you can send them a box of things to help like cough drops, kleenex, vapour rub… (this is great for boys who don’t know how to take care of themselves when they’re sick). A valentines themed one could include some candy, maybe a movie, random heart shaped knick knacks from the dollar store… just a fun package to open that says ‘Hey.. sorry I can’t be there… but I love ya.’
  • Virtual Date- I’ve repeated myself a lot on this blog when it comes to the virtual date. You set up your camera, both press play on a movie at the same time… maybe you both made dinners for yourselves and just chill.
  • A Video- this past Halloween, Andy wasn’t able to make it home and it was pretty shitty. But, on the morning of Halloween, I opened my email and had a little video from Andy. It was funny, he said ‘I’m sorry I can’t be there, but heres something to make you feel better’ and it did.


If you Don’t Care about Valentines Day 

Then you’re in the clear. It’s just another day. I will say though, you and I both know how hard long distance is, and how the loneliness bites.. even if it’s just for a second. And sometimes, when you don’t expect it, a day like today could make that bite sting a little more. So just always try to create special moments. They don’t have to be grand, and they don’t have to cost money, but everyone once and a while it doesn’t hurt to remind your babe that you’re thinking about them. You sure as heck don’t have to celebrate Valentines day, but being apart doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have special moments to… you just have to put in a bit more effort to make it happen.

Long Distance Relationships can be tough during any holiday. If you’re looking for more advice about how Andy and I cope or the things we’ve tried to make things better, then you can head here. (I’ve also been know to answer any instagram DM’s that start with the coffee emoji 😉 )

Happy Valentines Day. <3

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