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You Don’t Need a Bikini Body & Here’s Why

It’s that time of year! Tis the season for the ‘escaping the winter’ vacations, and that special time when you decide, ‘Ok. Now is the best month to start preparing for my bikini body before summer.’ And today I’m going to keep it candid on why you should say ‘fuck it’ to your bikini body because honestly, no body needs that shady bitch in their life.

The Effort.

First and foremost, a bikini body? That’s fucking HARD. Like really think about it. Your spending your free time trying to mold yourself into something you’ll feel satisfied walking around practically naked in. That is not an easy goal to achieve- at least for me it isn’t. And when your body doesn’t end up looking exactly how you want it to, it makes you miserable. 

I can’t tell you how many times I told myself ‘Ok I’m going to start working out now’, only to find myself looking in the mirror, wearing a bikini, 3 days before my trip, thinking, ‘Well Shit.’

I’m not saying that being fit and wanting to better yourself is a bad thing- because it isn’t. But I just think the concept of a ‘bikini body’ (the stereotypical toned legs, no cellulite, flat stomach) leads to a lot of unhappiness. I was reading a blog from Fashion Slave and she made some really good points about bikini bodies.

  1. Even if you do manage to achieve your ideal body, it probably came with a lot of restricted eating and hard work– which is probably not something you’re going to keep up with on vacation. Have you ever not eaten a lot of carbs and then decided to eat a tonne in one day all of sudden? You’re asking for a day in the bathroom.
She said: ‘…but as soon as I’d eat any form of food beyond my strict pre-holiday diet, I’d balloon up like Violet in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory and be in agonizing pain because my body just wasn’t used to certain foods any more and it would irritate my stomach. So that defeated any purpose of doing that – unless I was going to continue being so restrictive with what I eat on holiday, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to turn down a pad thai or a rendang curry after I’ve travelled 20 hours on a plane.’

2. If you’re like me, you’re just going to get bloated on the plane anyways, and that will probably last at least two days.

It’s Not Worth It For Me. 

So is what you’re working so hard for really worth that moment or two on the beach where you feel like a babe? For some people it is. But for me, 3 bites into my turkey meatballs and salad, it just isn’t.

On a ‘not-so-relatable-to-everyone’ note, I am a Canadian girl. So if I’m speaking strictly for myself, I’m spending 80 percent of the year covered in clothes and 75 percent in big, baggy, warm sweaters. And this is something I’ve been thinking about a lot recently. I believe that when you make a decision to start bettering yourself, like working out more or eating less Doritos, then that should be a positive process and not a self-deprecating one. So recently, I’ve been setting my goals a little differently.

My Plan.

I don’t know if there is anyone who feels the same as me, but I accepted a long time ago that I will never be able to be that girl who restricts herself 24/7. While I admire the people who do that, I just can’t live that way. I think life is all about balance, and if I ever decided to restrict my diet like that I can promise there would be a relapse every time. Because if that’s a lifestyle, you can count me out.

Currently, my goal is to feel happy and comfy in my clothes. I am removing a lot of unhealthy foods from my diet, trying to exercise as much as I can and getting in my nutrients. But I’m allowing myself to eat foods every once and a while that I really enjoy like pasta, sushi, or cupcakes. And if that means I’ll never get my ‘ideal’ body, then that’s okay. Because I’m improving myself and I think that’s something to be happy about. Like, ‘hey look at me and my improving body. It’s not perfect, but look how cute it is! I’m trying people! haaayyyy!!’. 

I Digress.

So, what’s the point in all my ranting? Well, if I speak for myself, I am the type of person who has never really been able to turn down junk food or practice good eating habits all the time. I like to enjoy what I’m eating and that often includes salt, cheese, fat, carbs- the works. And when you enjoy those types of foods, you kind of throw away the chance at a completely flat stomach or a toned ass (and all you fitness people out there, don’t freak out on me. Because ya YOU may be able to eat that stuff and still achieve your body. That ain’t me. I like movies and I prefer to be sitting on the couch when I watch them!) And so if I really get some perspective, I COULD have the bikini body moment. But it would be temporary. And I just don’t think it’s worth it to me. My goals sit more around the ‘high waisted pants and MAYBE a crop top’ moment, but I draw the line at low rise. If that makes a comeback, I quit.

So instead, I’ve chosen to spend more energy trying to feel happy and comfortable in the skin that I’m in.  And don’t get me wrong, I’d love to improve. I think my body could use a little break from late night snacking, and I think my heart is really screaming for some cardio– and so I’ll do that. But what I won’t do is order a salad at dinner or spend 3 hours at the gym. Because I really enjoy eating out, and I don’t always have time or the money for the gym!

At the end of the day, we all want to feel happy and confident in ourselves and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make lifestyle changes to feel better about yourself. But girl, I am NOT giving up pasta so I can have a flat stomach for two months. That’s what one pieces and high waists are for 😉

And if you have the guts (no pun intended) to take it one step further and just love yourself, then I say take that option.
Because life’s too short to not eat carbs. I’m sure the most beautiful woman in the world would tell you she agrees. Because regardless of societal standards, she still loved herself.



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