An Affordable Spring 2019 look – Sailor Moon

So spring is coming, and we all know my love for the seasons. Now, while Easter is probably my least favourite of the holidays, I will say that Spring probably compliments my wardrobe and the clothing items I have the best. I own a lot of bright colours and my nicest wardrobe pieces are probably best shown off in the spring. Spring is the waffles, and my wardrobe is the perfect cup of coffee to go with it in the morning. You feel me? The reason why I wanted to share this particular outfit today is because of how versatile it is, how often I wear it,  and how little I actually spent on everything.

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Shape Shifter

The reason I like this outfit idea so much is because a) it’s one of my favourite styles to wear and b) you can mix and match so many different things to create this look. All you really need is:
– a retro pair of jeans
– any kind of t-shirt
– a funky pair of earrings
– a fanny

All of these items can be mix matched in so many different ways to create this look that, for me, is a HUGE go to because it’s super comfortable, not too form fitting, and can be dressed up with a pair of heels or down with a pair of sneakers. Also s/o to my Disney fans, is this not a bomb park look? Fanny for functionality, sub Sailor moon top for Disney swag and you’ve got yourself a DAY.

The Price Tag (its low) 

For this specific outfit, I personally believe you can stay below 20 dollars. I am wearing a Sailor moon t-shirt (the cutest thing ever) that I purchased from Wish for $5. Pause of reaction. Yep. The jeans I snagged from a thrift store in Toronto for 7 dollars. And while I can’t provide the exact link to these jeans… because who knows what baby-boomer wore them and when… BUT I can promise you that any trip to a thrift shop will almost always guarantee you a high-waisted jean find. TIP: I always like to keep my eye out for old Levis. In addition to the clothing pieces, I’m wearing a pair of heart-pearl earrings that I purchased from Aldo probably when I was 16 years old, but heres a similar pair! And lastly, my chubby heart fanny pack. Now, this is the most expensive of the items but rest-assured, this look can support any fanny action you’re willing to dish out. BUT, if you want to splurge a little and love this fanny pack as much as I do, you can snag yours at Sugarbones.

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I’m not a Fashion Blogger 

If you’ve made it this far. Hi. How are ya. I just wanted to thank you for taking your time to come to my blog today and let you know how much I struggled with the copy write for this particular entry lol! Fashion is a huge part of my life, and I own a lot of it. But, I’ve always struggled with how to post my looks without sounding/looking awkward or writing as if I’ve come right off of the shopping channel. I love Fashion, I shop a lot, and I want to share my ideas. The things I wear aren’t always what is IN right now, and is almost always accented with some sort of pop culture. So I’m going to do my best to continue to share my fave finds with you and do my best to translate that successfully in proper lifestyle blogger fashion.

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