The Best Bikinis to Buy Online

Online shopping is one of my favourite past times, right along side eating and breathing. But, I’ve come to realize that not EVERYONE really enjoys the process– especially when it comes to clothes. Why? Well because there is no try-on option, so it can be quite the daunting process to purchase something that you have no idea will fit.

Bikinis headline that anxiety, because every body is different and not all bikini shapes will compliment everyone. I’ve ordered MANY A BIKINI in my life time, some were absolute keepers and others were unwearable. And during my cyber-bikini journey, I’ve complied a list of my favourite places to shop for bikinis — cover these 4 categories:



437 swimwear is my favourite of 2019 for a couple reasons. First, when my bikini came in the mail I was impressed by the whole process. It was quick, the packaging was beautiful and the quality of the bathing suit was unexpected. The suit is unbelievably soft, but durable and also lined!! You always need a good lining. But, probably their best attribute is how flattering their bathing suits are. I have a really big problem with bloating and their high-waisting aubrey bottom has some kind of ‘controlling’ featuring that keeps me tight without feeling uncomfortable! The price point is a bit high, but they always have discount codes. So if you’re looking for a bikini thats flattering for all, will keep you feeling sexy, and is really good quality then I would recommend 437. In my photo I am wearing the aubrey bottoms and the kenzie top is the colour rose.

shop my top, shop my bottom.


White Fox Swim was my big bikini purchase from last year. White Fox is very similar to 437 in the sense that the patterns and colours are very minimalist, but you can get different colours in so many different styles. Once again, I purchased a high-waisted style with a standard triangle top. But, the reason I’m adding this to the list is my experience with the bikini over the past year. I went on a view vacations, visited Andy in Florida a lot and this thing LASTED. We all know Australians know how to make a bikini, but I was really impressed with how vibrant the colour has still stayed, how the bikini itself hasn’t loosened at all with a couple washes, and their style range is killer– so many different options! In this photo I am wearing the Santa Rosa bottoms and the L’Escala top is baby blue.

shop my top, shop my bottom.


In my opinion, a Body Glove bathing suit is a bathing suit everyone needs in their swimmies collection. Why? Well, they are the most comfortable, the most versatile, and they cover the ‘sporty suit’ category while remaining stylish. I own two body glove bathing suits, one is a retro one piece and the other is actually a vintage two piece that my mom wore when she was my age (that just goes to show how long they last). Body glove is my go-to bikini if I’m doing something adventurous (aka, vacation excursions, water parks, tubing, chasing after my nephew at the beach.. you get it). They are thick, they keep you in place, celebrities buy them, and they last years and years and years. In this photo I am wearing ‘The Look’ one piece in pink.

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I have a couple different bathing suits from ASOS, my favourite being this black retro one-piece I purchased last year. I like ASOS because of their price point. They have affordable bathing suits that don’t disappoint. I also love the range of suits they have. You can go the monotone route that I usually go with my swimmers, or you can go the crazy patterned route which I know is really popular right now. Whenever you’re about to cave on a Zaful or Romwe bikini purchase, just check yourself and then go to ASOS. It won’t take 15 years to arrive, and it’ll arrive good quality.

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There are a couple different online shops that I’ve been following for quite some time now that I know have a killer reputation for bathing suits. Moana Bikini is a great one if you’re looking for some really cool patterns, and unique shapes and cuts! Following their account is also just a pleasant experience in general. Their founder is hilarious, and is always promoting body positivity, and their little company has an awesome sense of humour– always having fun at the office! I also always have to give a shoutout to the swimmies at forever 21. If you’re looking for cheap, cute, and in-style bikinis then forever 21 is always a go-to.

Some other online shops I would recommend would be:

  • House of CB
  • Sabo Skirt
  • Boohoo
  • lounge swim
  • oh polly swim
  • vdmthelabel

A word of caution*

When searching for bikinis online, I strongly recommend avoiding the ‘romwe’s, zafuls, and cupshes’ of the world. All they do is take photos from other reputable bathing suit brands, copy them with low quality materials and sell them at a low price. Every suit from these shops are coming from China, they will take months to arrive, and when you get them you will not be happy. — a warning from your friendly neighbourhood online shopper.

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