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Wednesday’s Clouds

hi guys.
so if you’re here, then you must have noticed that my site had a bit of a makeover. welcome. ☁️

if you’ve been with me since the Blonde Wednesday Addams days, then I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you for staying with me for this long, and thanks for not leaving while I enter my quarter life internet crisis.

What happened?

the honest truth has a couple different answers. The first being I wasn’t feeling inspired anymore. Although I love my blog more than anything, I feel like I got lost in the internet world and let the need to be relevant and important over-shadow the whole reason I created this corner in the first place–to write.

another part of it was my current place in life. The past 8 to 12 months just simply haven’t been the easiest and I’ve had no trouble vocalizing that to you guys over the past little while. And during all this time, I feel like my blog started to suffer because I wasn’t feeling inspired to share. So.. I decided it was time for a change. My website is figuratively ‘dying its hair’, if catch my drift. I needed to start again.

Why Wednesday’s Clouds?

good question. For some reason, The Blonde Wednesday Addams just wasn’t resonating with me anymore. I knew I still felt very much connected to Wednesday Addams, and she still inspires me always. But I didn’t feel as connected to the ‘blonde’ part anymore. And for good reason don’t you think? It comes off superficial to me.. does that make sense? Not to mention, my hair is no longer blonde and I feel far more like myself now than I ever have. So… it was time for a change.

Wednesday’s Clouds. That’s what I decided on. Why? Well, for lack of an easier explanation… I want you to come to my blog and feel like you’ve entered my area of the sky. I want you to feel like you travelled through the sky, slid down a rainbow and landed in all of my clouds. My clouds are soft and smell like sugar, they are filled with harry potter references and if you listen closely you can hear Disney movies playing in the background. And if you peak through, underneath your feet, you’ll see Halloween in the world below you. Wednesday’s Clouds.

also… if Wednesday Addams lived in a cloud, wouldn’t you want to know what it looked like? Me too.

Stay a while.

So… there you have it, Wednesday’s Clouds. A name to put on this desperate feeling I’m having to start over. Because I want to do it right this time, and I want to stick around. No more opening the door and letting all my ideas flow out for everyone to see, only to close it and keep it locked for so much time that people forget the door is even there.

So I hope you’ll stay a while. Grab a coffee, and let a piece of cloud float over top of your cup. The steam will melt the cloud, and sweeten your coffee just enough so that your ready to sit back and read what I have to say and watch what I have to share.

Because we’re going to make it work this time.

Sending love and light wherever you are.


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