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WHAT NOW Chronicles- 2

what now blog 2


I’m fucking shouting it from the rooftops, and I’m professing my love to all the land.

I miss my room-mates, I miss my friends.

Not everyone’s situation is the same, but I went away for school.

So, naturally… I had room-mates.

And they are now two of my best friends.

I lived with them for 3 years.

Finishing summer, and getting ready to move back in with them was one of the biggest excitements of the year.

So, when this summer ended and I knew I would no longer be living with them any more… it really hit me hard.

And I think that’s a huge part of why we get so damn sad when school is over !

And it doesn’t have to be room-mates, it could be the friends you saw in class every day, or the people who went out with on the weekends.

Either way..

Its over now. And it fucking blows.

The people who were your prime source of happiness are now gone.

And you wonder why your so damn sad.

My room-mates and I felt this sadness pretty quick, so we decided to come up with some ways to keep the ‘happy’ alive.


So I`d like to share some ways, to keep your long lost friends, room-mates, loves, still in your life.

And prevent them from becoming a memory like when Dumbledore pulls that stringy light out of his head and throws it in that water bowl.


So, here we go.

I miss my friends- How to Keep the Love Alive

  1. Create a Group Chat. 
    This has been the most effective way to keep the loving burning with my room-mates and it was honestly the best idea. Now, my room-mates and I originally created this chat about 2 years ago while we were still living together just because it made everything easier. Whether one of us was away for the weekend, or another one of us needed groceries, or we wanted to collectively talk shit about someone… GROUP CHAT. Want to talk about weekend plans? Yell at someone for not cleaning? Meet up after class? Plot the death of enemy? Complain about your life? Express your love? Need moral support? Can’t find a horcrux? GROUP CHAT. So now that we are hours apart, we still communicate daily. Ever since school ended, we have all been having a really hard time. So a lot of our group chat consists of letting all of our emotions out through message, and then waiting for another room-mate to reply and tell her every little thing is going to be alright. And even if you get away from the emotional conversations, we often just send pictures or meme’s or funny links. Trust me, when you haven’t spoken in a while… a picture or a video can easily make your day and remind you of your burning love. Ten points for group chat.. do it.
  2. Cheesecake Plushie (keep reading for explanation)
    Okay … let me explain this. And bare with me because it’s a weird story. So.. in first year of university, I went on this BRUTAL date. It was like a ‘Starbucks then movies’ date. And I hated every second. At the time, I totally wasn’t ready to start dating anyone, but my Mom told me it was ‘time to move on’. Like, thanks Mom.. Anyway, so we watched a movie where he attempted to put his hand on my thigh like 8 times (GET OFF ME CHILDS PLAY), so like half way through the movie I just wanted to disappear. After the movie was over, he took me over to the Movie theatre arcade… which is as close to a decent arcade as my grandmother’s toy room. While in the arcade, he did one of the toy claw games *THE CLAWWW*. And he won me this friggen like… I can’t even explain it. It kind of looks like a piece of cake. Its this plushie, about the size of a kleenex and it looks like a cake… lets just call it a cake. Anyway, my room-mates and I have been making fun of this piece of cake for YEARS and in first-year of university I started hiding it in one of my room-mates room to find. I would put it in her jacket sleeve or in her pillow. She would find it, and get all pissed off, and then hide it in my room. Naturally, this became a tradition. I would hide it in her room… a week later she would find it… then hide it in my room. So now, whenever we see each other, she will hide it in my room, or I will put in somewhere in her sleep-over bag to find when she gets home. I know this seems so silly, but it really keeps the love burning. And when I’m having a bad day… and I lay down at night to sleep and I feel a big bump in my pillow, I smile. Because I love my room-mates, and even though they’re not here…. they’re still here.
  3. Plan.This is the easiest. Plan to see them. Plan Plan Plan. Expecto Plan-tronum.
    We don’t do it every weekend, but we try to see each other as much as possible.
    And when you plan, make it the corniest friend-dates you have ever made. Have a sleep over, make dinner together, bake a cake, pretend your in a movie and have the best time ever. Just… see each other. And even though life gets in the way, plan anyways. My room-mate once drove 2 hours after work and left at like 2 in the morning to be ready for work the next day. Did she think it was worth it? 100 percent. Because when your life fucking sucks, and your sad, and you don’t have a job, or you hate living at home… this corny moments count.
  4. Make your friendship last forever.I’m currently making a video.
    My room-mates and I took a lot of video while we were living together, so I’m currently working on a video of all our memories together. It could be anything. Make a scrap-book, create a photo collage frame, write a journal, make friendship bracelets… anything. We all know you have free time cause school is over (at least I know I have free time). So, reschedule your weekly ‘cry in a pillow about my pathetic life’ night, and pencil in something creative. This could even be sending each other post cards, or snail mail, or care packages… I FUCKING LOVE CARE PACKAGES. Because having something to look forward to is the best thing ever.I feel ya… being away from your friends fucking suck. And when the feeling is so raw, it sometimes hard to be as happy as you were when you were with them.
    But just because school is over, doesn’t mean that life is over.
    That’s what I’m trying to tell myself.
    I want to make sure that bond I have never fades, and I genuinely believe that a main source of my unhappiness comes from not being constantly surrounded by amazing people.
    So to the zero amount of people who actually read this… take my advice no one lol.
    Because if no one is listening… at least it made me happy to write this.

    dream team

    Ps. if you’re feeling down.. google ‘cake plushie’, cause i just did and its the fucking cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

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