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Having 3 Jobs (What now Chronicles)

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How do you have multiple jobs, while still attempting to have a life?

The answer is simple. Learn to be tired.

Get used to being tired…. Unfriend your bed, and lie to yourself and convince your body that sleep is a waste of time.
Do you ever see Legolas sleep? No.

Learn to love coffee- coffee is your friend, and your bae.
It’s like that perfect boyfriend or girlfriend that is both your best friend, and great in bed.
Don’t think about being tired.
Sleep is for the weak. (even though it totally isn’t)

Because if you are greedy like me, and you really want money- Be Legolas.
let sleep go.

So how do I have 3 jobs while still attempting to have a life?

I will share my secrets with you.
Do I recommend them? No.
And do I suggest having 3 jobs? Not at all.

But money is pretty, and money means you can afford pizza.
Or… some of us desperately need the money, and can accept not having a life.

But the more income the better right?
Who needs friends.

Every two weeks or so, I have the same conversation with my mom.

She’ll be sitting on the couch watching scandal… or suits… or crying over Young and the Restless.

And I will sit down beside her, and have a mini break down.

It usually goes a little something like this…

‘Mom, *starts to choke up*… I’m just so tired *full on crying*’

My mom will tell me I need to either quit one job, or stop complaining…

And I usually choose the latter.

Until two weeks later, when I can’t deal with it again… and rinse and repeat. I need that ‘no more tears’ shampoo *pause for shameless laughter*

So… If you can deal with a break down every 2 weeks or so (depending on your emotional stability) Then here is how I manage life with 3 jobs.

  1. Staying in Shape

    For starters… I don’t stay in shape. I’m borderline inclined to say that it’s impossible to stay in shape when you have 3 jobs… unless you’re like a rock climbing instructor… or personal trainer. I work Monday to Friday from 9 until 6pm and then evenings and weekends at my part time jobs. After work I have no energy, so working out after work will not be an event I partake in. So… I go at 5 in the morning (I told you… give up on sleep). I worship the ground you walk on if you are consistent with going to the gym at 5 in the morning.
    I’m not even a real person at 5 in the morning.
    The only reason why I go is because I have an energy filled lunatic of a friend (love you Jessie) who messages me ‘GET UP BITCH’ every morning. Sometimes it’s a little more offensive…

jessie messages

  1. Maintaining a social life

    My motto, I don’t let work take over my life.
    If I have a free evening on the weekend- I will plan to go out with my friends.
    I always plan something.
    If you have nothing to look forward to, working just seems endless and makes mental breakdowns in front of your mother so much more frequent.
    I know I know, you have to work the next day. You just want to relax.
    You just want to sleep.
    I get it.
    But you don’t remember the days you slept for 12 hours… just saying.
    Go out with your friends, play video games for hours, bake a cake, binge watch a show. Whatever it is… plan it. And be excited about it. GET PUMPED.
    (As a disclaimer, please sleep. Like don’t just never sleep in your life after reading this blog…. Obviously sleep. But sometimes it’s okay to choose dancing over sleep… sometimes it’s just okay)
    . it’s okay.
    nap gif

  1. Obtaining Personal Goals

    On a more serious note, this has been the hardest for me. When you finish school- all you are thinking about it getting a job and making money (at least I am). And so, when you are so focused on just getting a job so you can pay off your debt, or pay off bills… it’s hard to remember the things you want to accomplish in life. What if you want to learn how to speak Italian? Or write a book? Or sew a dress? When you are so focused on just making money- you forget that life is actually happening. It’s kind of depressing.

    I accepted a long time ago that I wasn’t one of those young kids who would backpack around the world, or save up money just so I can blow it all on going to Australia.
    I wish I was.
    But I knew I wanted to start gaining experience, and making money.
    I just didn’t realize how hard it would be to actually acknowledge life and people.
    This blog for example- perhaps I would be a little more successful with it if I actually took more time out of my life to write.
    Perhaps if I wrote more often, my followers would grow.
    But it’s hard to do the things you love when you’re spending so much time and energy into working.
    So, this one. I don’t really have an answer for.
    I’m currently writing this blog because the internet is down at my full-time job.
    That is currently my life.
    I guess all I can say- is even though you are working hard.
    Don’t forget to remember your goals.
    or dreams, or passions.
    Short term pain- for long term gain.
    Eventually you will burn out (that’s what my mom tells me)
    And until that day comes- it’s okay to just focus on making money and being successful.

But don’t forget about your dreams, or your passions. Because those things are so easily pushed aside by plans with friends, or tight deadlines… or sleep.

So, how do I maintain a life with three jobs?
I don’t.
I’m exhausted all the time, I barely have time to think.
But I’m making it work.

When I was little, my mom used to tell me it was bed time and I would have A FIT.
I never wanted to sleep, never wanted to nap.
I feel like being an adult is the opposite.
If someone told me I could nap right now…
I would tell them they are beautiful and probably friend request that bitch when I woke up.

Adulting fucking SUCKS.
But we all have our ways of coping.



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