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Mortuary Mary ☠

the tales of the humble people who lived in Madness….

Mortuary Mary

Mortuary Mary was a pleasant young girl.
She would help at her daddy’s work, and never once hurled.

The drawers full of bodies, were Mary’s close friends.
Burned Sally, Blue Jeffery, and even headless Ben.

Every dead body had a story that her Daddy would tell her.
of adventure, and romance, giving up and getting older.

What Daddy didn’t know, is Mary already knew..
all the stories
all the adventures
all the personalities
of the people in the drawers.
Their happiness, their mood, their favourite colour, and their strife.

Because at night when Mary would visit them.
The bodies would come to life.

Burned Sally likes cherry cola.
Blue Jeffery hates cats.
and when headless Ben tells his jokes…
Mary laughs, and laughs, and laughs.

The mean girls at school, tell Mary she is weird.
Mary tried to make friends once, but the mean girls just sneered.

They throw her books on the floor, and put gum in her hair.
They pretend she has cooties, and tell all the other kids, ‘beware!’

Burned Sally and Blue Jeffery tell Mary don’t worry.
‘When the moon comes out, we’ll go out and kill them Mary!’
But Mary just laughs, and says ‘don’t be silly’.
If you kill them their bodies will come to the Mortuary!

So when Mary goes to school, she just pretends the mean girls aren’t there.
She has plenty of friends at home, who tell her they care.

For Mary see’s the world, in a completely different way.
Even though her drawer friends may not be alive,
The mean girls at school are completely dead inside.

So at the Mortuary she stays
That’s her story, what’s yours?
Because Mary much prefers…
her friends in the drawers.

Mortuary Mary lives in the humble town of Madness.
Every month you will be introduced to another resident of Madness.
Stay tuned…

”the madness got to you too?’

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