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⭐️My Magical Trip to Disney World!!⭐️

My Magical Trip to Disney World.

I think it’s important to start off by saying that I have been a die-hard Disney fan since before I can remember.
It’s important to start with that to understand why my one-day trip to Disney world was fantastically overwhelming, and amazing and vomit inducing merely by way of excitement (I was so excited I thought I was going to vomit)

The Back Story

As a child my parents told me that I would watch Snow White on repeat.
They would constantly have to rewind the VHS, and I would watch it over and over again.

Our VHS collection quickly started to grow, and I am now the happy owner of almost every single Disney movie. (I even own the Black Cauldron… true Disney fans would know what I’m talking about)

       disney dvds 

As I got older I developed a weird obsession with Tinkerbell.
I had Tinkerbell bed sheets, a Tinkerbell cell phone case, Tinkerbell themed birthday parties.
Sweet 16 Tinkerbell balloons.
Tinkerbell desktop background.
You get it.

I loved her.

me and tink birthday

But for some reason, amongst all the Disney love. I never actually went to Disneyworld.

Well, on May 5th 2016… that all changed.

Getting There

Andy moved to Florida for school, so we knew eventually we would have to visit Disneyworld.
He’s about 3 hours away in Fort Lauderdale and one of his good friends Ron (thank you Ron) graciously offered to drive us there along with Andy’s roommate George.

At around 7am, I walked around to Ron’s Jeep Wrangler BLASTING Disney music and I knew it was going to be the best day of my life.

Once we arrived at Disneyworld, we checked into Pop Century Hotel which was super cute and within the actual Disney resort.

We dropped off our stuff, and headed to the park.
The magic didn’t actually hit me until I could see the top of Cinderella’s castle from our shuttle bus.

The Arrival

Andy and his friends were chatting on the bus, I just had my eyes fixated on the view, waiting for a sign that said ‘Magic Kingdom’.

When we got there, I was truly mesmerized by it all.
I know it sounds SO cliché. But I’m okay with that!
Everyone tells you that Disneyworld is magical, but until you see the detail of Cinderella’s castle, and the music playing like white noise in the background- you will really never understand.

I wanted to take video while I was there, so I could create something for myself when I got home.
But I found myself less interested in documenting my trip and more just immersing myself in everything around me.

My best experience was at the very beginning.
I walked through Cinderella’s castle… or what I like to call ‘The hallway to heaven’.

You see the crystal mosaic paintings of Cinderella’s story on the wall, and once you make your way to the end, you take a look to your right and you see Rapunzel’s tower far off into the distance.

I was like ‘WTF IS THIS!!!??’
I had an absolute fit.
Her tower is IDENTICAL to the movies.

It’s like Disney doesn’t give you a break.

You get slapped in the face by magic when you walk in, and just when you think you have time to recuperate… you get slapped right in the face all over again.

Which I think is the reason why it’s so hard to get through everything when you’re there.
But we did as much as we could with our one day in Disneyworld.

The Rides

My favourite rides within the park were Splash Mountain and the Haunted Mansion.
If you’re going to Disney I seriously recommended you go on Splash Mountain first.

It is the happiest ride EVER.

When you attend Disney would with 3 adult, grown men… you get a little worried that they’re going to find the whole thing kind of corny.

I was lucky enough to go with 3 amazing guys who had so much patience with me the whole time, but you can’t help but wonder if they’re just waiting to leave.

But when we went on Splash Mountain all my worries WASHED away (pun intended… you get soaked)
Andy LOVED splash mountain. It’s honestly the coolest ride.
The water, the scenery, the characters..
All the boys were saying the whole time is

‘this is so cool!’
‘this is making me so happy’

I couldn’t stop laughing at how excited they were about the whole thing.

Its the perfect ride to start off the day.

The next best thing is the Haunted Mansion.
I may have a bias opinion on this because I live for this kind of thing.

But without giving away too much, I seriously felt like I was surrounded by ghosts the whole time.
There were holograms, and dark hallways, creepy chandeliers, wicked decorations.
Ghosts were floating all around you, and dancing, and speaking.
I wanted to bring my suitcases and declare residency for the rest of my life in the Haunted Mansion.

The work Disney puts in to making the park truly magical is insane.
At the Haunted Mansion the workers were creepy and scary, and Monster’s Inc Laugh floor the workers were goofy and funny. Everyone is always telling you to have Magical Day, and it all makes you feel like you’re in a movie.

The Celebration of Dreams (night time at Disney)

By the time evening came, we were all scrambling to get the best view we could of castle… for the Celebration of Dreams and the fireworks.

That evening was the best evening of my whole life.
The castle was like a movie screen featuring all the best Disney movies, and the fireworks were synchronized to the music- I truly could not believe it.
If the music got louder, the fireworks got bigger and just when you thought the fireworks were over… they would do about a hundred more.

And the best part of all?
Tinkerbell flew down from the castle, and I balled my eyes out like a psycho path.

It was the best hour of my life.
(I know, I know everything was the best everything of my life… just let me be happy)
And to make everything that much more obnoxious, while the Celebration of Dreams was going on, Andy handed me a pair of Tinkerbell earrings he had bought when we separated during the day.

Sarah, end this damn blog

So how do I force myself to end this blog so I don’t type for the next 18 pages?

Well… if you didn’t feel like reading all of that… or center alignment annoys you so much that you just skimmed through it all to look at the pictures… here is a summary of my trip.

Once upon a time there lived a girl who fell in love with Disney, but never had the chance to go.
Until one day she met her Prince Charming who made all her dreams come true.
He took her to Disney and she was the happiest girl in all the land.
And they all lived happily ever after.

And that’s it.
Thank you to my hot as hell boyfriend for taking me to Disney and making it the most magical day.
And thank you for putting up with all my craziness and taking a hundred pictures of me that I can now put in Mickey Mouse picture frames.

Until next time Disney.

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